Summer '20 | Public Spaces

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Dr Rosena Allin-Khan

Shadow Minister for Mental Health

For too long, it was believed that political party activism meant delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and taking part in rallies - today it is much more than that.

Our campaigns reach different audiences by a variety of means, and professionally designed content must sit at the top of our priority list (along with policies to match). ‘Professional’ does not need to equate to ‘corporate’, the two are mutually exclusive, but with an ever more digitally switched on world - we must compete with the very best.

This is why I am excited to see the exciting work of Labour Party Graphic Designers. Our movement often brings together people with skill-sets that result in grabbing a clipboard and selling our message on a doorstep. Harnessing hidden talents like this is crucial. This is why the work of designers is vital to our movement, and to our politics.

The works submitted for the public spaces artpack are very interesting, and really help us understand the issue. Public space is ever more vital in a world of lockdown. Something we took for granted was taken away for many people. Still, in this country, too many children grow up without access to a garden or green space in close proximity. The effects it has are far beyond the common health impacts. Inequality fuels mental ill health, and a lack of public space near your home plays a considerable part in this.

As the artwork pieces emphasise, public space is freedom, it’s room to breathe, it’s the right to roam, it’s community, a place to play, meet - the opportunities it opens are endless. It’s an asset to our nation, and something we must fight to protect, and bolster.

I’d like to thank everyone who took part in this artpack, and to thank them for being an invaluable part of our movement.


The designers below are also listed in our directory.

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