Summer '19

Climate Emergency

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Summer '19

Climate Emergency

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Adrienne Buller, Labour for a Green New Deal

We face the biggest challenge of any generation before us - tackling the climate emergency.

Climate change and its effects are challenging to communicate. To many it is a distant, even abstract concern.

Labour for a Green New Deal aims to change that. We work to unveil and respond to the way the climate emergency is imbricated in our lives - inseparable from long hours and poor pay; from families choosing between heating their dinner and heating their homes; from the devastation of communities by extreme weather and the plight of those forcibly displaced; and from the exploitation and the degradation of our natural world.

The climate emergency is a symptom of our current economic system, and it needs to change. Only a new system, grounded in socialism and led by a Labour government, can tackle this crisis. That’s why Labour for a Green New Deal is campaigning for Labour to adopt a transformative set of policies that will democratise the economy and create a society of shared prosperity and abundance.

Culture, as much as policy, will play a huge part in this transformation. We need a bold vision of the future, one with high-quality green transport; clean energy; open, communal spaces and schools for the many. Artwork and design help to define and communicate that vision. Take the US Green New Deal posters launched just last week by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Based on the Federal Art Project of the 1930s, they spark imagination and bring to life an economy for the many. This artpack does the same.

Labour for a Green New Deal is delighted to collaborate with Labour Party Graphic Designers. Tackling the climate emergency must be our top priority, and the designers who have contributed to this pack have combined the urgency of action with a positive vision. Their work is inspiring, and their message is clear: change is needed, and only Labour can deliver.



The brief


Artwork should be A2 (420x594mm), 300DPI, supplied as .pdf or .jpeg,<20mb. Please email your submission to

Information to include with your artwork:
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Artwork submitted for art packs is generally available for A4 download via our Google Drive for supporters to print at home. If you'd rather your design not be included in this online repository, please let us know. All rights are retained by the original artist.

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Extra special content

To coincide with the release of our latest art pack and the We Demand Better march on June 18th, cartoonist Jamie-Max Caldwell has created this excellent guide on how to make your very own placard.


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